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We appreciate your patience

As we continue to grow, it is important that we provide our customers with the best user experience for both online ordering and our rewards app! During our transition, we will be utilizing two different mobile apps, ultimately one.

To make sure you are ordering and collecting rewards on the correct application please press the button below:

How to Earn Rewards

Earn $5 in Picklebucks for every 500 points collected (every dollar spent is worth 5 points).

To start earning rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your location for the correct app
  2. Register online or in the location-specific app
  3. Order online through your account or scan your Rewards ID in store
  4. Points are automatically tracked and added to your account
  5. Earn 500 points and a $5 reward will appear on your account
  6. Use those rewards! Scan your Rewards ID in store or visit the rewards section of the app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn points on catering orders?
Yes! Make sure you’re logged into your account or scan your Rewards ID when you pay and the points are all yours!

When will the points be added to my account?
24 hours after your purchase!

Do I have to download the app to earn points?
While we recommend downloading our app for your convenience, it’s not required. You can register and earn points by tapping the “Order Online” button and setting up an account.

What if my points didn’t get added to my account?
While we hope you don’t have this problem, mistakes happen. Please include your account info in our contact form.

How do I redeem my rewards?
Scan your Rewards ID in store or visit the “Rewards” section of our app or website to view your rewards. Once you select your reward, it will automatically be applied to your order.

Why am I not finding my location on the app or ordering link?
We currently have two different apps and ordering sites. Please select your location for the correct app and site.

Still have questions?

Fill out our contact form.