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Fan Favorites

Here’s a place to start to think about your next order. These are the menu items we are selling the most this month.

#11 Italian Club
Pepperoni Pizza
Tomato Basil Bisque
Avo-Cobb Salad

What’s Inside Matters Most

Ingredients matter. Real food matters. Keeping hazardous chemicals, antibiotics, and preservatives out of your food matters.

We make many of our products from scratch daily, including our NAE grilled chicken salad, tuna salad, seven salad dressings, and house-emulsified garlic butter. We also slice our deli meats, cheese, and produce fresh each day. This artisan approach to food preparation provides delicious flavor profiles that even the fanciest pallet will crave. Food is our Love Language, and we want to see each customer we serve smile, knowing they are enjoying a high-quality meal with family.

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