Perfectly Paired Sides With Any Sandwich, Soup, Salad, or Pizza!

Iced Tea

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea is available Sweetened or Unsweetened.


Fresh Lemonade


All locations offer Coca Cola products. Some locations also carry bottled drinks.

Pickles, Whold, Half


We feature a variety of Classic, Kettle Cooked, and Baked Chips. Se Varieties Below

Pickles, Whold, Half


Our Dill Pickles are available in ½ and whole portions.

Jars Spicy Pepper

Jar of Peppers

Take home a jar of Pickleman’s favorite HOT peppers!

Kids Drink

Kids Drinks

Instead of buying a sugary soda for your child, choose from milk or apple juice.

Lentil Chili, Vegetarian

Soup Roll

The perfect soup roll to dip in any of our gourmet soups. Enjoy the light and flaky crust of the exterior and the warm, chewy interior.


Our fresh baked cookies are made from scratch every day.


We have a large variety of homemade dressings and signature sauces.

Choose from our selection of Kettle Cooked, Baked, and Classic Chips.

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Locations in MO, KS, NE and OK