How It Started

Doug Stritzel, founder of Pickleman’s has sixteen years of experience in the restaurant and franchise industry. Doug has been on both sides of franchising. He understands the complexities and diplomacy required in creating successful franchising relationships.
Seven years with a large U.S. sandwich franchise. Franchising Training Director, Director of Corporate Operations, COO of Franchise and Corporate Operations and second in command to owner and founder. This company is a gourmet sandwich concept with hundreds of locations and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales.
Director of Operations and COO of RFC, Franchising Inc., a frozen custard concept with fifty units and approximately $45 to $50 million dollars in sales.
Former owner of an Italian Quick Service Restaurant concept.
Former Operating Partner of a Wendy’s and Tim Horton’s Franchisee company with annual sales of $20 million dollars.
Former owner of a Jimmy John’s Franchise company.
Today, Doug and his team are working to strengthen the Pickleman’s brand and hope to expand the Pickleman’s franchise to a nation-wide company.

Building A Brand

Doug Stritzel
Pickleman’s was 20 years in the making when it first opened on October 1st 2005. Doug Stritzel had worked with some of the biggest names in the sandwich and restaurant industry; he had a vision for a brand that above all focused on using the highest quality product to create profound and unique flavor profiles people love.
Pickleman's robust Menu and speedy Delivery Service made it a huge hit with College Students but since it's beginning Pickleman's has adapted to a much broader crowd offering a variety of Sandwiches, Salads, Soups and Pizzas.