What Happens When 2nd Graders Create A New Pickleman's Sandwich?

Published: August 29th, 2017

A group of 2nd graders in Lawrence, KS gave us some sandwich ideas… and we made one!

Shane Heiman, a 2nd grade teacher at New York Elementary School in Lawrence, KS decided to kick off the school year with some #PickleWorthyIdeas! Mr. Heiman developed a creative writing exercise for his students to share their bright ideas for a new Pickleman’s menu item. We were blown away with the variety of ideas and hard work these second graders put forth. So much so, that we even decided to bring one of these ideas to life!

Pickleman's is a proud supporter of local schools and charities. We take pride in our local communities by donating to silent auctions and hosting profit share fundraisers at our stores to help raise funds for local organizations! Contact us today to request a fundraiser for your school or charity: https://www.picklemans.com/fundraiser.php.

Check out the replies to Shane's tweet below to see all of the kids ideas:

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