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Local Fundraisers & Charity Sponsorships

Since our founding in 2005, Pickleman’s has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities, schools, and organizations. We have lots of ways of supporting local organizations other than just fundraising, below are some of the various ways we can support your local charity, school, or organization.

Profit Share Nights

This is our most popular option with Elementary Schools, High School Organizations, Football Teams, Churches, Charities, and Non-Profits. Profit shares are generally held on weekdays in the evening. The typical profit share duration is from 3-8pm and participating groups receive a percentage of attributed sales for that time period. That percentage can be negotiated between the local store and charity based on volume. We ask that you have at least one representative from your group on to talk to customers (who might not otherwise know) about your group and cause, answering questions that anyone might have about where their money is going!

In order to make each profit share as successful as possible, and ensure your group walks away with as much money as possible, it is extremely important that your team promotes the event. We will advertise the event through our social media networks, but the majority of promotion needs to be done by your group and the earlier you start promoting, the better! Groups that drive an exceptional turnout often receive consideration again for profit shares in the future.

Please complete the information below, scan and email back to You can expect to receive a response within 2 weeks from the time of submission.

Food & Catering Sponsorship

Although we can’t give all of our food away, we can often discount or donate some food to your next event or fundraiser. We will often donate food in exchange for sponsorship or exposure at your event so we can sample to new customers and help make your event top notch.

Donations & Teamwork

Our favorite charities often become long-term partners in which we can donate monetarily as well as offering our consulting to help improve the efficiency or your organization and non-profits. Below you’ll see some of the charities that we sponsor each year with links to their websites where you can donate money, materials, or simply your time. If you are interested in becoming a partner or hosting a fundraiser, please fill out the form below.

Foundation For The Higher Good Home Charity

Foundation For The Higher Good

We've worked closely with The Foundation For The Higher Good for over 7 years. The Foundation For The Higher Good focuses much of their efforts on providing shelter, food, and water to the residents of Guatemala & Honduras. They also lead a Site For the Blind Fund as well as job assistance and educational programs for the residents of Guatemala.
Central Missouri Food Bank Charity

The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri

The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri is one of the largest in the state of Missouri and their mission has always been close to our heart. Over the years we've donated thousands of loaves of bread and thousands of dollars to the Food Bank. The biggest impacts come from volunteering and direct donations.
#Tigers On The Prowl Charity Image

Tigers On The Prowl

Tigers On The Prowl is a local charity in Mid-Missouri that connects local artists with local charities to create custom figerglass tigers that are auctioned off to raise funds for each respective charity. Tigers On The Prowl also helps connect and promote these local charities and artists so more people are aware of their work and mission.

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