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Pickleman's offers an Area Development Program, which allows an individual, husband/wife team, partners or a company to develop as many restaurants as they like in an exclusive area. This exclusive area is protected, which means no other developers can develop Pickleman's within the exclusive area throughout the time of the development schedule. Area Development Opportunities area available in each and every market and can be all shapes and sizes. There are many choices within the Area Development Program. Pickleman's offers the opportunity for smaller development(3-5 Pickleman's) or a larger development - an entire city or even an entire state.

Franchising is a wonderful way to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.
Explore Your Franchise Opportunities Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pickleman’s franchise owner. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and are happy to help you get started. At Pickleman’s Gourmet Café, we believe in giving our franchisees the tools necessary to succeed as a small business owner. Whether that means getting you in touch with the appropriate lenders and banks for financing, or providing a 3-week training program to ensure you are ready to run your own business, Pickleman’s will be there every step of the way.

Open Your Own Pickleman’s Franchise

Purchasing and running a franchise can be a great option if you want to become a business owner without taking on the many risks of independently launching a new venture. At Pickleman’s, we are committed to helping aspiring franchise owners make their dreams a reality.

We believe that franchising benefits our company, entrepreneurs like you, and our customers. Combining our proven business model with your drive and ambition can produce an excellent experience for our customers, which in turn leads to more business and greater profits for everyone involved.

Reasons to Choose Franchising

Franchising offers several advantages. When you open a Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe franchise, you don’t have to worry about building customer awareness and brand recognition. This allows you to save significant time and money that might have otherwise gone to marketing. Since you are working with an established name and product, you can hit the ground running and start pulling in revenue sooner.

Why Partner With Us?

At Pickleman’s, we try to strike the right balance between oversight and independence. We want to ensure that our customers enjoy the leading service and delicious gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, and pizzas that they expect. At the same time, we believe in giving our franchise owners the tools they need to make important decisions and successfully oversee a franchise. Here are a few benefits of opening a sandwich, salad, and pizza franchise with us:

  • You can open your franchise in any state.
  • You can suggest locations and receive advice on picking the ideal spot.
  • You and any employees qualify for a complimentary three-week training program.
  • We can refer you to lenders who have financed Pickleman’s franchises in the past.


We view franchise operations as a true team effort. By providing our expertise and giving you some working flexibility, we improve your likelihood of long-term success.

Get Started Today

Owning a franchise can be highly profitable and satisfying. When you partner with Pickleman’s, we do everything in our power to help you succeed and enjoy all of the benefits that come with franchise ownership. If you would like more information about our franchising program, or if you are ready to start your application, please contact us today.

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Pickleman's stores are designed for a unforgettable store experience but also for superior put through rates in-store. This allows for fast service in a clean modern space.